Associate Professor Tatyana Kotseva, PhD

Research unit: "Fertility, Reproductive Behavior and Family"

Job Title: Visiting Research Fellow


phone: (+359 2) 979-34-38



- Associate Professor, 1997, Higher Attestation Commission at the Council of Ministries
- Ph.D. in Sociology, 1983, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Dissertation: Social psychological aspects of reproductive behavior of family with a few children

- M.A. in Philosophy and Sociology, 1978, Sofia University


2005 – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health , Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, Summer school,  Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation scholarship, Certificate
2001 - 2005 Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany, short-term visits
1999, 2002 Erasmus teachers’ exchange, Lund University, Sweden
1999, 2001 Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
1997 Institute of Education, University of London, England
1997 L. Maximilians University, Munich, Germany
1994 International Training Center for Women, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1994-1995 Lancaster University, England, visiting scholar
1993 Institute for Social Studies, Warsaw, Poland

1987 Institute of Sociology, Budapest, Hungary

 Professional interests:

Gender and family dynamics, population politics, reproductive behavior and reproductive health, infertility, sexual behavior, coping strategies; research methods – quantitative and qualitative – in social demography and sociology

 Selected publications:


1. Kotzeva, T., D. Kostova. (forthcoming). Young People and Intimacy in Times of Social Change. ‘M. Drinov’ Academic Publishing House.

2. Todorova, I., T. Kotzeva. (2001).  Editing and introduction of the Bulgarian edition of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’. Colibri Publishing House

3. Kotzeva, T. (1996). Situation of Women in Bulgaria: Change and Continuity. Foundation "Free Initiative".

4. Kotzeva, T., I. Todorova (1994). The Bulgarian Woman: Traditional Images and Changing Realities. Krakra Publishing House.

5. Todorova, I., T. Kotzeva (2006). Contextual Shifts in Bulgarian Women’s Identity in the Face of Infertility. In:  Psychology and Health. vol. 21, N 1, pp. 123-141.

6. Spielauer, M., D. Kostova, T. Kotzeva, V. Zhekova, K. Borissova (2005). The Contextual Database of the Generations and Gender Program in Bulgaria: Conceptual Framework and an Overview of the Bulgarian Context Concerning the Central Database Topics. MPIDR Working Paper WP 2005-2006, March 2005, p.1-57

7. Kotzeva, T., D. Kostova (2006). National Chapter on Bulgaria. In: F. Billari, J. Dala Zuanna, M. Caltabiano (Eds). Sexual and Affective Behavior of Students. An International Comparative Study. Spingler

8. Avdeev, A., T. Kotzeva. (forthcoming) Contraceptive Use. In: C. Buhler,  D. Philipov, V. Shkolnikov. (Eds). Family Formation and Fertility in Transition: A Study from Bulgaria.

9. Kotzeva, T., D. Kostova. (2004). Contraceptive Usage among Young Adults in Bulgaria – Violation  of the Tradition. In: Proceedings of the IUSSP seminar on reproductive health issues in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Bucharest, 17-20 October 2004

10. Kotzeva, T., D. Kostova. (2003). Sexual Activities and Standards among Bulgarian College Students. In: Book of Absracts. European Population Conference 2003, Warsaw Poland, p.219.