Research Associate Shtelian Shterionov, PhD


Research unit: "Economic and Historical Demography"

Job Title: Head of the Research Unit, Chair of the Academic Staff Assembly


phone: (+359 2) 979-30-27, 979-30-30



1984 MA - Faculty of History at Veliko Tarnovo University "Kiril i Metodij", Bulgaria

1993 PhD

2001 Associate Professor

2007 DSc thesis: The Greeks on the Bulgarian Lands in the Period 18th 19th Century (up to 1878)

Specialisations abroad

1992-1993 specialisation assignment at the Aristotel University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

1999-2000 specialisation assignment at the IKI, Greece.

Professional interests:

- History of the Bulgarian Lands during the Revival;

- Historical demography;
- Economic history;
- Marine history and traditional marine culture;

Selected publications:

1983 -2008 -  Many reports, taking part at many national conferences and international symposia - Hios, Greece (1994); Dubrovnik, Croatia (1995); Thasos, Greece (1995); Thessaloniki, Greece (1999 and 2002).
3-2008: He publishes 10 monographs and more than 50 science publications in Bulgarian and foreign editions among which are:

      1. The Greeks on the Bulgarian Lands in the period 18th-19th century (up to 1878) (Historical Demographic review). S., 2008, 624 p., (in Bulgarian).

2. The Southern Black Sea seaside during the Renaissance (economical-historical characteristic). S., 1999, 232 p. (in Bulgarian).
      3. Σ.Ζιώγου-Καραστεργίου, Σ.Βαχάρογλου, Δ.Πολίτης, Β.Φόυκας, Β.Καραστέργιος, Δ.Στεριόνοφ. Ελληνικά βιβλία και μεταφράσεις θύραθεν παιδείας στη Βιβλιοθήκη της Μονής Ρίλας. Πνευματικές σχέσεις Ελλήνων και Βουλγάρων κατά το 18ο και 19ο αι. Tessaloniki, 2006, 470 p. (in Greek).

4. Co-authorship with A. Djonev in: Documents for Bulgarians in Macedonia condition at the beginning of 20th century. Kjustendil, 2001, 216 p. (in Bulgarian).

5.Co-authorship in: Shipbuilding and Ships in the Eastern Mediterranean during the 18th and 19th centuries. Athens, 1995, 146 p. (in Greek)

       Studies and articles
      1. Territorial Orientation of the Migration  Movements of the Greek Population Inhabited Bulgarian Lands during 18 th -19 th  centuryes Population, 2008, No. 1-2, pp. 118-144 (in Bulgarian)

2. Demographic status and economic potential of the Greek ethnic community in Plovdiv in 19th century (1800-1878) - Τα Μαράσλεια σχολεία στη Ν.Α.Ευρώπη: Εκατό χρόνια λειτουργίας του Μαράσλειου Διδακτηρίου Θεσσαλονίκης (1905-2005). Θεσσαλονίκη, 2006, pp. 139-161

3. Shterionov, Sht. Contradictions in Greek and Bulgarian Historiography about the Greek Ethnical Presence in Bulgarian Lands during the Bulgarian Renaissance. Population, 2003, No. 1-2, pp.98-123 (in Bulgarian).

4.  Demographic Dimensions of Greek Education in Bulgaria of the 18th and 19th Centuries. Education in the Balkans: From the Enlightenment to the Fouding of the Nation-States. Thessaloniki, 2000, p.297-314.

5. Ναυπηγικά κέντρα στην νότια Βουλγαρική Μαυροθάλασσα κατά τον 18ο και 19ο αιώνα. Ναυπηγική και πλοία στην Ανατολική Μεσόγειο κατά τον 18ο και 19ο αιώνα.  Χίος, 1999, 97-103.