Senior Research Associate 1st degree Penka Naidenova, PhD, DSc

Research unit: "Aging, Mortality and Life Potential"

Job Title: Senior research Associate, Visiting


phone: (+359 2) 979-67-90, 979-30-30



Higher. Master’s degree in statistics

 Professional interests:

- Analysis of variance and correlations analysis. Relations among them, analytical sense

- Statistical tests of significance of sampled data. Selective methods in sampling

- Economic growth measuring and analyses

- Evolution laws of population – global trends and national profiles (Bulgaria, developing countries)

- Modelling of economic and population growth (economic level) – global, regional, national scale; empirical case studies

 Selected publications:

1. The old people as a labour resource in development. In: Proceedings of a scientific conference 27-28 May 2008 – “The demographic processes ad the labour force in Bulgaria”, Sofia, 18 p. (in press).

2. Contemporary accents in the demographic views of our predecessors. In: The social sciences and sociological change in Bulgaria. Academic publishing house “Professor M. Drinov” 1998, p. 276-283.

3. The today’s Bulgarian family among the other families in the world. In: Womon and family in Bulgaria. Institute of demography, BAS, NSI, 1995, pp. 42-50.

4. Business statistics – Sofia: Mars-95, 2000, 284 p.

5. Global model and forecasting of World development, including Bulgaria (co-authors Ch. Koprinkov, B. Ivanov, G. Grozev) : Sofia: BAS publishing house, 1991, pp. 240 (author: p. 4-30; p. 60-98; p. 224-233).

6. The economic and the demographic growth in the Third world. Equatorial Africa – Sofia : BAS publishing house, 1987, 268 p.

7. Measuring of the economic growth and its sources (co-author M. Raynova). – Sofia: BAS publishing house, 1984, pp. 187 (author: p. 5-131).

8. Interindustry balance of the economic region (co-authors: G. Gergov, V. Vutov, P. Popov). – Sofia, BAS publishing house, 1972, 278 p. (author pp. 46-63).

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10. Interbranch relations and proportions in agriculture. Sofia, Partizdat, 1967, 133 p.