Research Associate Nikolay Tsekov

Research unit: "Economic and Historical Demography"

Job Title: Research Associate


phone: (+359 2) 979-30-27, 979-39-30




Selected publications:

1. Tzekov, N. Age structure of the rural population in the period 1934-1992 and a prognosis of future tendencies until 2025. Problemi na geografiata (Problems of Geography), 1999, No.3-4, p.40-50 (in Bulgarian)

2. Tzekov, N. Application of multivariate statistical analysis to the assessment of regional differences in population structures. Problemi na geografiata (Problems of Geography), 2000, No.1-4, p.147-152 (in Bulgarian)

3. Dumont, J.-F., M. Sougareva, N. Tzekov, Bulgaria's Demographic Crisis. Population&avenir, Janvier, 2005 (in French)