Associate Professor Maria Nikolova, PhD


Research unit: "Economic and Historical Demography"

Job Title: Senior Research Associate


ñë.òåë.: (+359 2) 979-30-27, 979-30-30



1972-1990 – Head assistant and Associated Professor at the Academy for Social Sciences , Sofia

1969-1972Academy for Social Sciences, Moscow: PhD degree in philosophical sciences

1958-1963 – Sofia University “St. K. Ohridsky”: Higher education diploma: philosophy

 Professional interests:

- History of the Philosophy and Contemporary philosophical theories

- Women in private business and family

- Demographic behaviour of women, working in private business sphere

- Family and demographic behaviour of women, who migrated from village to town

- Time for paid labour and time for household labour

- Socio-demographic consequences from the status of women at labour market

 Selected publications:

1. Basic characteristics of the French Structuralism. Moscow, 1975, 242 p. (in Russian)

2. Maria Nikolova (with P. Gantchev and S. Karatantchev). Contemporary philosophical theories. Sofia, AONSU, 1980.

3 Maria Nikolova (with P. Gantchev and S. Karatantchev). Contemporary philosophical and sociological theories. Sofia, AONSU, 1986.

4. Maria Nikolova (with M. Yankov). Basic schools of the Contemporary Philosophy. Sofia, Narodna Prosveta Publ. House. 1989, 274 p.

5. Women from families, who have migrated. Prof. M. Drinov Academic Press, Sofia, 146 p., 2003.

6. Maria Nikolova. - In: G. Mihova, D. Kergoat, M. Nikolova, D. Donev. Working Hours, Working Conditions, Demographic Behavior. Sofia, 2007, Prof. M. Drinov Acad. Publ. House, pp.51-66; 161-202.

7. Household labour: sphere of division and discrimination. – Population, No.1-2, 2003, pp. 150-164.

8. Household labour: results from empiric sociological research. Population. No. 1-2, 2005, pp. 136-148.

9. Maria Nikolova (co-author Genoveva Mihova). Working hours in Bulgaria and in European Union. – Europe future of Bulgaria and development of the population. Sofia, 2005, pp. 80-98.

10. Maria Nikolova (co-author Genoveva Mihova). Les femmes dans le secteur prive et leur sentiment de securite.- Statuts d’emploi, contrats de travail et securite. Edition de la Maison des sciences de l’homme, Edition universitaires Stopanstvo, 2003, pp. 277-289.