Senior Research Associate Maria Belcheva, PhD


Research unit: "Aging, Mortality and Life Potential"

Job Title: Head of the Research Unit, Editor-in-Chief of Naselenie Review


phone: (+359 2) 979-67-90, 979-30-30




MSc in Statistics, University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria

 Professional interests:

- Fertility and reproductive behaviour;
- Family development, extramerital fertility;
- Demographic and social problems of children and young people

 Selected publications:

1. Non-marital births in Bulgaria individual and social problems. Sofia, 1989.

2. Social Child's and Juvenile Institutions: conditions, problems. Sofia, 1991.

3. We and Our Children. NSI, S., 1994

4. Punished Juvenile Delinquency. Sofia, 1999.

5. Situation, Trends and Problems of Fertility in Bulgaria. Sofia, National Statistical Institute, 2003, 98 p.

6. Social-demographic Studies and Analyses. V. Tarnovo, Faber Publ. House, 2004, 442 p.

7. Survey method in Bulgaria population census. Vestnik statistiki. Moscow, 10, 1977 (in Russian).

8. Youth and religious sects. Statistika, No. 1, 1996.

9. Children in the Social Child's Institutions (UNICEF Project Questionnaire Survey). Statistika (Statistics), No.4, 1999.

10. Abstract model of Bulgarian family: premise for birth of a definite number of children. Naselenie, No. 1-2, 2005.