Personal data:

7 November 1945,  village of Polsky Trambesh, Veliko Tarnovo district

Phone: 359 (2)-979-67-90



Academic career


- Higher, Master degree in statistics, University of National and World Economy, Sofia, 1965-1970



 2007 – up to now – Head of the CPS ‘Ageing, Mortality and Life Potential’ Research unit

2004– up to now – Senior research associate 2nd degree at CPS, BAS

1992-1993 – Senior Research Associate 2nd degree, National Statistical Institute (NSI)

1991 – Senior Research Associate, NSI

1986-1991 – Research Associate 1st degree, NSI

1982-1986 – Associate of the Cultural institute of the Bulgarian embassy in Mexico

1973-1974 – Research Associate 1st degree at the Central statistical office (CSO)

1971-1972 – Research Associate 2nd degree, CSO

1970 – Research Associate 3rd degree, CSO


Academic qualifications

Scientific degree and titles

1989 – PhD in sociology; Senior Research Associate 2nd degree


Memberships in scientific organisations and associations

Member of: Union of scientists in Bulgaria, Union of statisticians in Bulgaria


Memberships in editorial Boards and publishers Scientific

Editor-in chief of Nasselenie Review


Specialisations abroad


Participation in joint research projects

 The population of Bulgaria in the 70’s of the 20th century

The out-of-wedlock births in Bulgaria – personal and social problems

The health care and the health service in Bulgaria

The children in the social child establishments

The youngsters on the threshold of life

We and our children

The youngsters, religion and sects

The punished criminality of the adolescents

Scio-demographic characteristics of the small business entrepreneurs

Natality and population reproductive behaviour

The small and medium establishment entrepreneurship. Women in business


Professional interests

Methodological problems of  sample surveys, censuses of population and  habitation

Demographic processes of population evolution and reproductive behaviour

Young generation problems in Bulgaria

Children of deviant behaviour

Social problems of old population


Teaching activities


Language skills

Russian, French, Spanish




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Scientific informations, opinions and reviews:

1. Non-marriage. Experience of sociological analysis. Author: Senior Research Associate Liliana Spasovska.

2. Sex culture of the young people in Bulgaria. Authors Associate Prof. Tatiana Kotseva and Research Associate Dora Kostova, 2007.

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The children in the social crisis conditions (statistical situational sociological analysis), team leader associate  prof. Petar Balabansky, 1991.