Ilona Tomova

Research unit: "Fertility, Reproductive Behavior and Family"

Job Title: Senior Research Associate, PhD


Phone: (+359 2) 979-63-34, 979-30-30



1981-1984 Sofia University, Dept. of Philosophy - PhD “The Cognitive Approach in Moral Socialization Theories: Jean Piaget and Laurence Kohlberg’s Theories”

1974-1978 Sofia University, Dept. of Philosophy, M.A. in Philosophy and Sociology, with honours

Professional interests:

- Demographic problems of ethnic groups

- Ethnosociology

- Social inequalities, social exclusion

- Migrations

- Employment and unemployment

- Family

Teaching activities:

        2008 – 2009 – Sofia University St. Kliment Ochridski, Theories of Ethnicity and Nationalism

        2007 - 2008 - Fulbright International Summer Institute, “Cultural diversity and social issues in Post-Communist Bulgaria”

        2004 - 2009 – Plovdiv University, Ethnicity and Nationalism

        2001- Nish University, Identities and Social and Economic Status of Bulgarian Roma, Summer School

        1997 - 2000 - Sofia University, Sociology

        1996-1997 - Sofia University, Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations

        1996 - University of Bologna, “Ethnicity and Social Exclusion. The Case of Bulgaria” (Visiting professor)

Selected publications:

1. The Gypsies in the Transition Period. Sofia 1995.

2. Tomova, I., Y. Yanakiev, 2002. Ethnic relationships in army. Sofia: [ĚÖĎĚĘÂ], 156 p.

3. Petar-Emil Mitev, Ilona Tomova, Liubena Konstantinova. The Price of Procrastination? The Social Costs of Delayed Market Transition in Bulgaria. In: Poverty, Ethnicity and Gender During Market Transition. Ĺd. Rebecca Emigh and Ivan Szelenyi, PRAEGER, Library of Congress, 2001 (pp. 33-67)

4. ‘Soziale Exklusion von Roma im Postsozialismus: Das bulgarische Fallbeispiel’. In: Sudosteuropa Mitteilungen, 04/2008; 48. Jahrgang. Munchen.

5. External migrations among Roma in post-communist Bulgaria: reasons, íŕăëŕńč, behaviour and consequences”. In: Sotsiologicheski problemi, 2008, Special issue.

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9. Demographic processes in large ethno-confessional communities in Bulgaria. In: Demographic development of the Republic of Bulgaria. BAS "M. Drinov" Academic Press, Sofia, pp. 155-177, 2005.

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