Associate Professor Genoveva Mihova, PhD


Research unit: "Ageing, Mortality and Life Potential"

Job title: Acting Director of the CPS


phone:(+359 2) 979-30-27, 979-30-30



1962-1967 University of Sofia, History


1975-1979 PhD: ASSSM – Sofia

1972-1974 Academy of Social Sciences - Moscow, Journalism,
Professional interests:

    - Demographic aspects of employment and unemployment
    - Unemployment of women
    - Groups in risk at labour market
    - Characteristics of the demographic transition in Bulgaria
    - Working time and labour condition of women as a cause of their demographic behaviour.

 Selected Publications:

1. Infant mortality in Bulgaria (co-authors N. Golemanov, D. Tchalakova). Medical University, Sofia. Centre of information and medicine. Medical review “Infant morbidity” XXVIII, 1999, N 4, pp. 70.

2. The unemployment of the vulnerable groups in Bulgaria. ‘Prof. M. Drinov’ Academic publishing house, Sofia, 2003, 92 p.

3. Work time, labour condition, demographic behaviour. ‘Prof. M. Drinov’ Academic publishing house, Sofia, 2007, 285 p.

4. Women’s unemployment and its reflection on the family and personality. // Labour problems, 9, 1991, pp. 74-80

5. Reproductive and migration attitudes of the unemployed women. // Naselenie, 1, 1993, pp. 47-58.

6. Family relationships in case of unemployment. // Naselenie, 1-2, 1995, pp. 124-132.

7. The demographic characteristics of generations as a determinant in social development. In: The social sciences and the social change in Bulgaria. Sofia, BAS, 1998, pp. 93-98.

8. The out-of-wedlock births in Bulgaria – realities and trends. // BAS Review, CXIII, 2000, N 4, pp. 12-16.

9. The labour and employment conditions and the protection of the female labour and maternity. // Naselenie, 1-2, 2004, pp. 93-106.

10. Combining the professional activity with the parenthood as a priority of the employment policy concerning the young people. In: Young people in EU member country Bulgaria. Issues of a conference, 29-30 May, 2007, Sofia. CPS-BAS, 2008, p. 595-613.