Research Associate 1st degree Elitsa Dimitrova, PhD

Research unit: "Fertility, Reproductive Behavior and Family"

Job title: Research Associate 1st degree


phone: (+359 2) 979-63-34, 979-30-30



1997 - 2002 M.A. in Sociology, Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridski"
2003 - 2006 Ph.D. in Sociology at the Center for Population Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Topic of the dissertation: "Second Demographic Transition in Bulgaria: Preconditions, Transformations, Implications".

 Professional Interests:

- Demographic transition theories
- Fertility and reproductive behavior
- Gender, Health and Inequality

Selected Publications:

1. Dimitrova, E. 2004. “Sociological Excurse Toward the Theory of the Second Demographic Transition”. Sociologicheshi problemi  (Sociological Problems), 1-2

2. Dimitrova, E. 2005. “Sociography of the Second Demographic Transition in Bulgaria”. Naselenie (Population). 1-2.

3. Dimitrova, E. 2005. “Recent Fertility Changes and the Second Demographic Transition.” In: Budeshteto na Bulgaria v obedinena Evropa i razvitieto na naselenieto /Population Development of Bulgaria in Integrated Europe/.  Sofia: Faber

4. Dimitrova, E. 2007. “Changing Norms and Values Regarding Marriage and Family in Post-socialist Bulgaria: Towards a New Marital Transition”. In: Social Behavior and Family Strategies in the Balkans (XVIth – XXth centuries). Conference Proceedings. Bucharest.(in English)

5. Dimitrova, E. 2008. “The Recent Marital Transition in Bulgaria between Historical Diversity and pan-European Integration”. History of the Family. Vol. 13 (in English)

6. Vasileva,L., Alexandova-Karamanova,A. Alexandrova,B., Bogdanova, E., Dimitrova, E., Kotzeva, T., Todorova, I. 2008. Health behaviors in school-aged children in Bulgaria 2005/2006 (National Report). AA Eyes Ltd, Sofia.

7. Dimitrova, E. 2009. “Family and reproduction in post-socialist Bulgaria. Towards a new demographic transition”. In: Sabine Fischer, Heiko Pleines (eds): The EU and Central & Eastern Europe.  Successes and Failures of Europeanisation in Politics and Society, Changing Europe Book Series Vol. 6, Stuttgart. (in press)