CPS was the responsible administrator in charge of four scientific conferences the papers of which are published in the respective Proceedings of conferences:

·       Demographic Processes and Labour Force in Bulgaria. 27-28 May 2008, Sofia, co-organiser – Economic and Social Council of the Republic of Bulgaria. The conference a part of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy Programme for implementing the Strategy for demographic development of Bulgaria to 2020.

·       Young People in EU Member Country Bulgaria. 29-30 May 2007, Sofia. Under the auspices of Georgi Parvanov, President of Bulgaria and in co-operation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, State Agency for Youth and Sports and the „I. Hadzhiyiski” Institute for social values and structures.

·       Population Ageing – Realities and Consequences, Policies and Practices. 31 May 2006, Sofia. Co-administrators: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and National Social Security Institute.

·       Bulgaria’s European Future and Population Development. 26 May 2005, Sofia. Under the auspices of Angel Marin, Vice President of Bulgaria. In co-operation with the “European future for Bulgaria” Academic Forum 2007 and the Bulgarian Association for Studies of the European Community.


An indoor seminar “Population and society” is held in CPS and its basic purpose is to be a centre for presentations and discussions on the main research problems of the projects worked out in the CPS. Since 2006 a post-graduate students’ seminar has been functioning as a permanent forum of scientific ideas and information exchange; the post-graduate students present the theoretical base of their researches, the methods applied for achieving the planned aims and the obtained results.