The CPS’s researchers had 276 publications over the period 2002-2008; 41 of them were published abroad. 228 publications were printed and published; out of which 29 were published abroad. There was a total of 138 scientific publications in reviews and series (21 abroad), there were 113 (18 abroad) scientific publications in full text published as parts of congress and conference collections as well as in topical collections, 20 monographs (2 of them, abroad) and 1 demographic manual. 

Scientific books published abroad:

1. Kotzeva, T., D. Kostova. Bulgaria. A chapter in: Billari, F. C., J. Dala Zuanna, M. Caltabiano (Eds). Sexual and affective behaviour of students. An international research. CLEUP Editrice - Padova, 2007, p. 67 - 87 (A chapter of monograph).

2. Shterionov, S. (co-authorship of Σ.Ζιώγου-Καραστεργίου, Σ.Βαχάρογλου, Δ.Πολίτης, Β.Φόυκας, Β.Καραστέργιος, Δ.Στεριόνοφ). Ελληνικά βιβλία και μεταφράσεις «θύραθεν παιδείας» στη Βιβλιοθήκη της Μονής Ρίλας. Πνευματικές σχέσεις Ελλήνων και Βουλγάρων κατά το 18ο και 19ο αι. [Greek manuals and translations connected to the education in the Rila Monastery library. Spiritual connections between Greeks and Bulgarians in 18th and 19th century.] Θεσσαλονίκη. 2006. 469 σ.

Collections published by CPS:

1. First National Forum of the Researchers on Old Age People Problems. Scientific collection. Mihova, G. (compiler and editor). - Sofia : CPS – BAS, 2007.- 131 p.

2. Demographic Development of Republic Bulgaria.- Sofia : UNFPA, BAS, NSI, 2005.- 424 p.

3. National Strategy for Demographic Development of Republic Bulgaria (2006 – 2020).- Sofia : BAS,2005.- 58 p.


Monographs published in Bulgaria:
[translation in English of the relevant titles]

1. Sougareva, M., N. Tzekov, D. Donev, D. Boshikyov. Demographic situation in the regions of Depopulation (on the example of North-West Bulgaria).- Sofia : Acad. Press “Prof. Marin Drinov”, 2008.-142 p.

2. Vassileva L. et al. Behaviour and Health of children of school age. Results of representative survey.- Sofia : ĐŔ“Ochi”, 2008, 120 p.

3. Shterionov, S. Greeks in Bulgarian lands over 18th and 19th centuries (before 1878). Historical-demographic characteristics.-Veliko Tirnovo : Faber Publ. 2008.- 624 p.

4. Borissova-Marinova, K. Ageing of population. Impact on economically active population of Bulgaria. Prof. M. Drinov Academic Press Sofia, 2007, 149 p.

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8. Golemanov, N. Mortality of the Elderly (Bulgaria, 1971 – 2000).- Sofia : Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2004.- 218 p.

9. Davidov, B. Hospital Economics.- Sofia : St.Kliment Ohridsky University Publishing House, 2004.- 230 p.

10. Sougareva, M. Introduction to Demography.- Sofia : Avalon Publ. House, 2004.- 120 p.

11. Chalakova, D. Teenage Births in Bulgaria during the Second half of the 20-th Century.- Sofia : Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2003.- 188 p.

12. Belcheva, M. Situation, Tendencies and Problens of Fertility in Bulgaria.- Sofia : NSI, 2003.- 98 p.

13. Mihova, G. Unemployment of Groups of Risk in Bulgaria:Socio-demographic aspects.- Sofia : Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2003.- 92 p.

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18. Spasovska, L. Transformation of Marriage in Bulgaria.- Sofia : Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2000.- 298 p.