About Us

    The Centre for Population Studies (CPS) was created in 2002 as an independent scientific unit for demographic research within the structure of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). CPS is a successor of the transformed Institute of Demography at the BAS (1990 2002).

CPS is a unique national unit for theoretical and applied demographic studies in Bulgaria. The research subject is the population of Bulgaria and the methodology of demographic research is applied and developed in the aim of identifying the laws and determinants of its evolution as well as the population strategy and policy concerns within the context of European integration and the global development trend.

Priorities in the CPS research activity are as follows:

Demographic strategy and policy implementation, updating and impact on the process of government decision-making.


CPS provides for consultations and expertise on the demographic situation and the demographic processes evolution to the governing authorities in the country and to the non-governmental organizations. CPS promulgates its researches in scientific reviews and in the mass media.